Winning cocktail competitions is one of the fastest ways to become well known as a skilled bartender / mixologist. It can open the door to tons of career and consulting opportunities – from private consulting gigs to jobs as prestigious as brand ambassadorships.

We’ve put together a directory of upcoming cocktail competitions as well as a guide to help you win them – so you can take your career to the next level and win great prizes!

Competitions Accepting Entries:


The deadline for entries: Unspecified

Competition Name: Bar Boss (by Colossal)

Who’s hosting it: Colossal and Dos Hombres Mezcal 


Description of the competition:

Calling all lovers of mezcal, cocktails, kindness, & the TV show Breaking Bad! Wait, how do all those things relate? Well, the charity-drive company Colossal has teamed up with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston– who own the Dos Hombres mezcal brand together– to create a cocktail competition that brings awareness to the anti-bullying non-profit Kind Campaign, run by Aaron Paul’s wife, Lauren. 

If combining mezcal with kindness sounds like your jam, then enter their competition now for a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 and a cover feature on Bartender Magazine. The deadline for the competition has not been promoted, so we suggest registering immediately in case time runs out!


The deadline for entries: February 22, 2024

Competition Name: 2024 London Spirits Competition

Who’s hosting it: London Spirits Competition 


Description of the competition:

Are you a spirit producer looking to build your brand’s reputation and gain more exposure? Then you definitely don’t want to miss the London Spirits Competition! Enter your product today for an opportunity to have your spirits rated, to meet others in the industry, and to potentially become a judge as you build relationships. Good luck!


If you know of a competition we haven’t listed, let us know!




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USBG Shake It Up National Cocktail Competition – Entries Close November 28, 2023

Torres Brandy Zero Challenge – Entries Close October 31, 2023

Patrón Perfectionists 2023-2024 – Entries Close September 30, 2023

Live Joyously Sparkling Cocktail Competition – Entries Close September 15, 2023

2023 Sustainable Cocktail Challenge – Entries Close August 15, 2023

Nikka Perfect Serve 2023 – Entries Close July 28, 2023

Le Grand Cortage Cocktail Competition – Entries Close October 25, 2022

USBG PERFECTIONISTS BY PATRÓN – Entries Close October 7, 2022

Cognac De Luze Cocktail Contest – Entries Closed May 31, 2022

Novo Fogo’s Bar Strength Challenge – Entries Closed May 31, 2022

Swizzle Sisters Podcast’s Cocktail Contest – Entries Closed May 10, 2022

Bombay Sapphire Gin’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition – Entries Closed April 25, 2022

Reddit User LoganJFisher’s April 2022 Cocktail Competition – Gin And Blueberries – Entries Closed April 2022

Equiano Rum’s Intereseting Narrative Cocktail Competition – Entries Closed April 30, 2022

Tanteo’s Mexican Standoff Bartending Competition – Entries Closed April 30, 2022

The 2022 Bourbon Brawl Presented By Garrison Brothers + Texas Monthly – Entries Closed April 12, 2022

Reddit User LoganJFisher’s March 2022 Cocktail Competition – Ukrainian Vigor – Entries Closed March, 2022

Hip Sip’s Battle Of The Modern Bartender – Entries Closed March 6, 2022

Reddit User LoganJFisher’s Feb 2022 Cocktail Competition – Tea Leaves & Bénédictine – Entries Closed February, 2022

Reddit User LoganJFisher’s Jan 2022 Cocktail Competition – Chocolate / Cocoa & Rum – Entries Closed January, 2022

Reddit User LoganJFisher’s Nov 2021 Cocktail Competition – Absinthe and Amaro – Entries Closed November, 2021

Fresh Victor No ProbLlama Cocktail Competition – Entries Closed October 22, 2021

Original Cocktail Competition – October 2021 – Elderflower and Apple – Entries Closed October 1, 2021

2021 Coffee Cocktail Challenge – Entries Closed October 12, 2021

Original Cocktail Competition – September 2021 – Bourbon and Amaretto – Entries Closed September 30, 2021

The POM Wonderful Photo and Cocktail Recipe Contest – Entries Closed September 30, 2021

Cognac Connection Challenge – Entries Closed N/A

Liber & Co. Grand Summer Awards – Entries Closed July 12, 2021

Don’t Waste This Cocktail Contest – Entries Closed July 31, 2021

Bartenders & Baristas Challenge – Entries Closed June 24, 2021

Olmeca Shot Ring Competition – Entries Closed June 15, 2021

INDOGGO Challenge – Entries Closed June 12, 2021

“Power Of The Palate” National Cocktail Competition – Entries Closed June 7, 2021

Patrón Perfectionist – Entries Closed N/A

Cocktail Competition Show – Entries Closed N/A

Concours D’Spirits – Entries Closed March 12, 2021

Mix Fest Cocktail Competition – Entries Closed January 2, 2021

Peat Week Cocktail Competition – Entries Closed January 26, 2021

World AIDS Day : Celebration & Cocktail Competition – Entries Closed December 4, 2020

Art’Quarium Clarified Punch Contest – Entries Closed November 30, 2020

Vipra Halloween Cocktail Contest – Entries Closed October 31, 2020

A Toast to the Service Industry – Entries Closed April 12, April 19, April 26 and May 3, 2020

The Star of the Bar Competition – Entries Closed February 20, 2020

2020 Bartender Of The Year – Entries Closed November 5, 2019

Hardy Legends of Cognac Competition – Entries Closed October 24, 2019

Bartenders “Talk Story” With Ocean Organic Vodka – Entries Closed August 2019

Mediterranean Inspirations Cocktail Competition 2019 – Entries Closed July  2019

PAU Maui Vodka Road To Maui Competition – Entries Closed July 25, 2019

USBG Most Imaginative Bartender Competition – Entries Closed March 31, 2019

USBG Diageo World Class 2018 – Entries Closed N/A

Beefeater Mixldn 7 – Entries Closed January 2018

Bacardi Legacy Competition – Entries Closed N/A

Bols Around The World – Entries Closed October, 2017


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