How To Store Mint And Keep Herbs Alive For Longer

How To Store Mint And Keep Herbs Alive For Longer

Whether you’re a professional bartender or cocktail enthusiast, you’ve probably had the annoying experience of gathering a beautiful bunch of fresh herbs, only to have them wilt by the end of the night.

How to Open a Stuck Cocktail Shaker

How to Open a Stuck Cocktail Shaker

Have you ever had a stuck cocktail shaker and wondered how in the world you are going to separate the two sides? If you’ve ever shaken a cocktail with a metal shaker, chances are the answer is yes since this is one of the most common shaker issues.

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It’s surprising that we’ve never actually covered a gimlet before! This gin cocktail usually features two or three ingredients, depending on how you make it– super simple! A vodka gimlet is a common replacement for the classic gimlet drink, so if you’re not into gin, feel free to substitute vodka instead.

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Fog Cutter

This gorgeous drink is the work of Tony Kennedy from our Craft Cocktail Club. With summer right around the corner, this is the perfect lounging-in-the-sun drink!

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Garden Party

What’s a botanical cocktail without a shrub? This one features Seedlip Garden 108 alongside a tangy cucumber and lemon shrub. It’s like walking through a springtime garden.

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