We are so thrilled to be launching a brand new product: The cocktail atomizer and mister spray bottle! If you’re a pro bartender, you’re probably as excited about these babies as we are. But if you’re an at-home cocktail enthusiast, you might be wondering what you’d use these handy dandy apothecary bottles for.

Cocktail Atomizer & Eye Dropper Set - Black - 4 Oz - 2

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This bitters bottle set really unlocks refined techniques, which we’ll detail below. With these new craft skills, you’ll level up from a bartender to a mixologist, beautifying and advancing your cocktails to make them gorgeous sensory experiences.

“An increasing number of bars and restaurants are using atomizers and droppers to elevate their game and expand the way we think about cocktail creation. Some of these drinks look like high-end art, and, as such, seem far out of the reach of the non-professional. We wanted to put these tools in the hands of beverage enthusiasts of all levels of skill and interest to show that these drinks are not as intimidating as they look.” – Julia Tunstall


professional bottles in matte black glass make for lovely bottles on a bar next to a purple cocktail

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So now that you know why you want this mister and eye dropper bottle set, let’s talk about what you can actually do with it. If you’re ready to give your customers and party guests a truly memorable cocktail experience, keep reading to find out exactly how this atomizer bar kit can help with a wide range of mixology techniques.

Refilling an Amber color bottle neck with liquid, with an oversized label on the bottle for extra label space

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  • Create your own bitters for cocktails and conveniently store them.
  • These aren’t just bitters bottles! Experiment with other tinctures and always have them on-hand.
  • Transfer existing liquids into these smaller, easier-to-use storage bottles– perfect for traveling, even if you’re bringing your cocktail supplies to a gig or party.
Industry standard glass olive oil bottle for spraying vermouth or oil into a cocktail, 2 oz size bottle

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  • Stencils: Using custom stencils, spray bitters across the top of cocktail foam for a gorgeous, unique presentation. Everyone loves latte art, right? Stenciling your cocktails is a show-stopping effect similar to when your favorite barista creates a heart or puppy face in your morning coffee. You can make a stencil with a wedding couple’s initials, the logo of your bar, or holiday symbols– whatever the occasion calls for!


Handcrafted cocktail in a crystal cocktail glass with a stencil design that was sprayed with affordable bitters bottles or atomizer spray bottles

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  • Spray the inside of your glass: Use it as a martini atomizer and spray your glass with vermouth or absinthe.
  • Aromatic effects: Spray lemon or another essence across the top of the cocktail to mask the smell of eggs in a cocktail like a Boston sour – This technique adds another layer of (more appealing) aroma.


Adding bitters to a cocktail with a squeezable dropper bottles top

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These tincture bottles with dropper tops can really beautify your cocktails! Create more exact patterns with your bitters instead of just dashing them on top in a haphazard way. After carefully dropping your bitters on top of your foam, you can also use a cocktail pick to create an eye-catching, Instagram-worthy design.

The other benefit to using the eye droppers is that you can better control the amount of bitters that you add to your cocktail! The bottles that store brand bitters come in often create messy dashes that spill and spray all over the place. Say goodbye to that mess!

glass tincture bottle is a convenient option in travel size for bitters bottles with an ergonomic design

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This useful cocktail atomizer and eye dropper set comes in two colors: the amber bottle option offers a classic dasher bottle look. You can’t go wrong here! On the other hand, the matte black finish makes for a really clean, elegant dasher bottle. And as far as we’re aware, we’re offer the only matte black cocktail mister and eye dropper combo set on the market!

Both glass bitters bottle color options come in 2 ounces and 4 ounces with waterproof, oversized labels– so you always know what’s in there! And of course, they contain both attachments to be a mist spray bottle or a cocktail dropper, so you get everything you need in one affordable kit.

(And with the holidays coming up, they make excellent stocking stuffers. Just sayin’!)


Dripping tinctures with leakproof oil dropper bottle into a coffee color cocktail

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Here are all the reasons we absolutely love this product:

  • They’re available in two sizes: 2 oz and 4 oz, perfect sizes for keeping on the back bar or traveling to a job or party.
  • We offer two gorgeous colors: classic, translucent amber brown and sleek matte black.
  • Stop the mess: We’ve custom-designed these glass bottles to be drip-free.
  • Get a clean, uniform look so that your back bar or bar cart looks elegant and put-together.
  • This kit also includes a bottle cleaner spoolie, funnel, and waterproof & dishwasher-safe labels.
    Cocktail Atomizer & Eye Dropper Set - Brown - 2 Oz - 1

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  • Two-in-one: You don’t have to change bottles to change functions! With two types of tops in one kit, you’ll have the versatility and flexibility to both drip and spray your way to picture-perfect cocktails– all for an affordable price.
  • These bottles are high-quality, food-safe, and dishwasher-safe. You don’t have to worry about storing consumable liquids in these, and they’re super easy to clean!


this excellent product, a glass spray bottle or atomizer sprayer bottle, spraying a cocktail with vermouth

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Now that you know how to use this awesome refillable bottle set effectively, you may be wondering just what you can make with it. Well, these bottles come in handy for anything you would use bitters, vermouth, tinctures, or decorative syrups in– especially if you want to take your skills to the next level and make your own bitters.

For specific cocktails to make using this kit, check out this article. And of course, leave us a comment below to let us know how you use your alcohol spray bottle set!