Once more with the Peach Syrup

We’re (still) absolutely buried in peaches. I’ll be honest, making peach syrup is really not going to take a dent out of your peach harvest – this syrup recipe only used one peach and was probably enough for a dozen cocktails. But that certainly didn’t stop us from trying!


This Cocktail is fruity – but not overpoweringly so. It pairs the fruit in the syrup with the subtle fruity undertones in Unicum Next for a nicely rounded flavor, held up by the maltiness in the Genever as well. It’s refreshing but not overly “bright” – I would say very balanced.

Give this cocktail a try if you’re looking for something inspired by fruit but not “fruity”. It’s a nice mix of approachable but multi-layered, with the Unicum contributing a beautiful touch of bitterness and layer of spice.