140 years ago, this would have just been a “Sazerac”

While few know this, the original Sazerac recipe was made with cognac. Before the mid-1800’s, cognac was a barman’s staple – and it wasn’t until phylloxera decimated French grapes that cognac started to get replaced with American whiskey. (Thanks to its increased availability and cheaper cost.) Here’s a great article all about the history of cognac in the Sazerac – definitely worth a read.

Give it a go – pretty please!

And while a Rye Whiskey Sazerac is a thing of beauty, I would contend you haven’t really experienced the perfection of this cocktail until you’ve had it with cognac. It lacks the spicy bite of the rye whiskey, but makes up for it with the floral aromatics in cognac.

The next time you’re making your cognac, skip the Rye and give cognac a try. It’s definitely worth a try.

Cognac Sazerac

Ever had a Sazerac made with Cognac? It’s a simple switch, but oh so good!
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  • 2.0 oz Cognac Camus VSOP Borderies
  • 1 Cube sugar
  • 6 dashes Bitters Peychauds
  • 1/4 oz Absinthe Lucid
  • 1 each Lemon Peel