Any good home bar should be stocked with the essentials: quality liquor, mixers, and the right bar tools. But what exactly are the must-have bar accessories? We’ve put together a list of the five essential bar accessories that every home bar needs. From mixing glasses to strainers, these bartending tools will help you make any cocktail imaginable.
So whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner bartender, ensure you have these items on hand, and your home bar will be complete. Cheers!
Stirring the Manhattan cocktail in a mixing glass before adding 2 dashes bitters

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Mixing Glasses

For any at-home bar, having a selection of well-crafted barware is important for creating a variety of drinks. Of all the pieces in your arsenal, these glasses should be at the top of the list since they make stirring classic cocktails like Martinis and Old Fashioneds much easier. These versatile vessels enable bartenders to combine ingredients, measure portions accurately, and serve drinks with ease.
Here are the steps for using mixing glasses:
  • Pour all of the ingredients into a mixing glass.
  • Fill with ice and stir lightly with a bar spoon or ice pick.
  • Strain into new glasses, and garnish as needed.
For anyone setting up their own home bar, having an assortment of quality mixing glasses is essential for their bartender’s kit. With their impressive range of uses, these multi-purpose vessels are sure to bring any cocktail or mixed drink to a whole new level.
Boston shaker with a cocktail

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A shaker is an essential tool for any bartender – modern offerings are built to maintain their quality and deliver drinks quickly. There are two common types of shakers: the cobbler (three-piece) and the Boston cocktail shaker (two-piece).
Professional shakers provide mixologists and bartenders with reliable, precise results when preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.
Not only do they make life easier by shaking multiple drinks at once, but they also help to give perfect drinks each time. Additionally, some of them may contain a sieve that helps to strain away ice chips after shaking or stirring drinks, making sure that customers will not be surprised by unwanted textures in their beverages.
Furthermore, a high-quality shaker offers an ergonomic design that allows you to use the device without tiring your hands unnecessarily.
With a few simple motions, you could serve perfectly shaken cocktails or other beverages over and over again – saving time and money while producing consistently great drinks.
All this together culminates in the benefit of having a top-notch shaker in any bar professional’s equipment.
Copper Japanese jigger, copyright A Bar Above 2021

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A jigger is a small measuring tool that helps bartenders do that with precision and speed. It usually consists of two metal cups, each with its own measurement line for single- or double-shot measures. Some jiggers even have three or four different measurements for more complex drinks.
Jiggers come in many sizes to suit whatever drink you’re preparing. For instance, a 1oz/2oz jigger will be useful for making traditional cocktails like Whiskey Sours and Sour Apples, while larger jiggers are perfect for crafting Margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas.
No matter what the drink is, the right jigger makes it easier than ever to create perfectly-measured cocktails every time! And since each cup has its own measurement line, it ensures you don’t over-pour any of your precious ingredients—making it an essential tool every bartender should have.
Hardwood muddler, copyright A Bar Above

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This long and slender device is used to mash fruits, spices, herbs, and other mixers in the glass, releasing flavor before adding additional ingredients. It also serves as an excellent way to crush ice in certain types of drinks. The head of the muddler is typically constructed from wood, plastic, or metal, with some models featuring a textured design for increased durability and control. Some even have attached loops, making them easier to store.
While it might be tempting to use utensils from the kitchen, such as forks or spoons, doing so can significantly impact the taste of carefully created cocktails since those items may contain unwanted flavors or chemicals that can transfer onto ingredients during preparation. They’re also not designed to do the job as accurately as a muddler.
Double-straining with our gold fine strainer, copyright A Bar Above

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A bartending strainer is a key piece of equipment for any professional bartender. It is used to strain ice and other solids out of cocktails and mixed drinks to create a smooth, enjoyable beverage.
To use a strainer efficiently, it should fit snugly inside a mixing glass or shaker tin. The bowl-shaped option allows the user to hold their finger against the bottom, ensuring that only filtered liquid is poured into the finished drink. Its curved design also allows its replacement atop the mixing glass or shaker tin after pouring – trapping any early ice cubes and sediment from entering your customer’s glass.
Some strainers come with an additional fine mesh filter attached to make sure that smaller particles are passed over during pouring.
Choosing the correct strainer for your specific needs, and the number of staff on shift can help ensure that you deliver excellent standards consistently and quickly, making it an essential item for any bartender working at speed in busy bars. High-quality bar strainers can make all the difference when crafting delicious drinks.
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Investing in good quality home bar equipment often pays off due to improved productivity! With all these benefits in mind, there really is no substitute for well-chosen bartending tools for your home.