Too often relegated to a rinse or spritz in today’s craft cocktail bars, Absinthe once had a place behind the bar alongside other now-common cocktail ingredients like gin and brandy.

We’re partnering with Lucid Absinthe Supérieure to bring you a seminar in September all about the history, art and technique of this misunderstood spirit. Joined by Master Distiller T.A. Breaux and Brand Ambassador Milo Rodriguez, we will discuss the history and authentic techniques for enjoying Absinthe as well as some great ways to incorporate it into your craft bar program.

Lucid® was developed by renowned absinthe historian and distiller T.A. Breaux. It is distilled in the historic Combier Distillery in Saumur, France, which was designed by Gustav Eiffel. Lucid is crafted with original antique copper absinthe stills, in strict accordance to traditional absinthe distillation methods.