This coming Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day, so when we got the opportunity to partner with Teelings Irish Whiskey to make a cocktail to celebrate, we jumped at the chance!

Teelings… Tea… Get it?

This cocktail is a celebration of the two beverages the Irish consume most: Tea and Whiskey. In my experience, whiskey and black tea are a fantastic pair in cocktails, and this cocktail is no exception. I wanted something aromatic to pair with the Whiskey, and a nod to Irish tea consumption seemed just the ticket. The orange bitters go well with tea as well, and finally I added carbonation to lighten up the final drink and make it a “fizz.”

Take your Time

The flavor on this drink is bright, aromatic and unlike most things you’ll find on St. Patrick’s Day, lighter in alcohol. (It’s also not green!) So you can go ahead, enjoy one or two and pace yourself for the long celebrations ahead!

A Quick Note on the “Tea”:

Unfortunately we didn’t have Irish Breakfast Tea, so we used Earl Gray – but feel free to swap in the Irish tea for an even more “Irish” cocktail!