It’s that time of year again!

There’s just nothing quite like home-made Egg Nog to make December feel like the holiday season. Previously we’ve shared our “go to” Egg Nog recipe on the blog, but this year we were inspired by a complimentary sample of Maker’s 46 to go one step further and make this “Spiced” egg nog even more flavorful.

Enter: Rooibos Chai

We made this tincture ages ago and it’s become a staple for late fall and holiday cocktail recipes. (I think we used this tea, or one very similar – Affiliate link.)

Tinctures with tea are SO easy and quick to make – the tea is already “primed and ready” for infusion, and someone’s already put a lot of effort into making the flavor just right. I definitely recommend keeping this one on hand, for sure.

This recipe is very similar to our “standard” Egg Nog, except we’ve lightened it up by increasing the milk-to-cream ratio and added this Rooibos chai tincture to add a beautiful round, spiced flavor. It’s still one of our easiest recipes to make and continues to convert family members who claim they “don’t like egg nog!”

Bonus Points: Breakfast!

We made an extra large batch and kept our egg whites, turning the extra egg nog into Egg Nog French toast for the next morning. I omitted the extra sugar (opted to serve it with Maple syrup instead.) It came out delicious!