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… that just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it? This week’s cocktail is a little experiment playing with the different densities of different cocktail ingredients.

While it’s nowhere near as colorful as some more famous Pousse-Café style drinks, Chris worked really hard to also make this one taste good – something I can’t say I’ve found for many of the more colorful versions.

Layers of Flavor

This drink is truly focused on juniper – featuring the lightly bourbon barrel aged Big Gin (a gin with a BIG juniper flavor) as well as a juniper berry soda. Chris partnered these with a half-ounce of Amaro to reinforce the herbal qualities of the gin and add a distinctly sweet and bitter flavor. Finally, the bitters add just a bit more balance and bitterness to dry it out a bit more.

The final cocktail has – you guessed it – layers of flavor. Even after stirring it and losing the layered colors, each sip is like a journey through the drink. It starts with juniper, then quickly switches to amaro before ending on a softer, herbal note.

Overall I’d say this one is a perfect balance – colorful, layered, and delicious to boot!

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Juniper Pousse
Juniper Pousse
Juniper Pousse
  1. Add amaro to the bottom of a collins glass
  2. In a cheater tin add lemon juice, simple syrup, gin and egg whites.
  3. Dry shake to add volume to egg whites
  4. Add ice and shake to chill and dilute
  5. Add crushed ice to the amaro filled collins glass
  6. Fine strain gin and egg white mixture over the crushed ice
  7. Add juniper soda
  8. Add the bitters and garnish with a lemon twist
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