Mixologists Just Wanna Have Fun

… that just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it? This week’s cocktail is a little experiment playing with the different densities of different cocktail ingredients.

While it’s nowhere near as colorful as some more famous Pousse-Café style drinks, Chris worked really hard to also make this one taste good – something I can’t say I’ve found for many of the more colorful versions.

Layers of Flavor

This drink is truly focused on juniper – featuring the lightly bourbon barrel aged Big Gin (a gin with a BIG juniper flavor) as well as a juniper berry soda. Chris partnered these with a half-ounce of Amaro to reinforce the herbal qualities of the gin and add a distinctly sweet and bitter flavor. Finally, the bitters add just a bit more balance and bitterness to dry it out a bit more.

The final cocktail has – you guessed it – layers of flavor. Even after stirring it and losing the layered colors, each sip is like a journey through the drink. It starts with juniper, then quickly switches to amaro before ending on a softer, herbal note.

Overall I’d say this one is a perfect balance – colorful, layered, and delicious to boot!