The Ultimate Winter Warmer

Got a cold? Hot toddy.

Headache? Hot toddy.

Cold hands? Hot toddy.

I may not be a doctor, but I can tell you that this cocktail will definitely warm you up if you’re feeling down. (Note: I really am not a doctor and you shouldn’t rely on me for medical advice!)

This perhaps the best known “hot cocktail” and for good reason: it’s classic, easy to make, and downright delicious.

Thirsty? Skip to the recipe!

The History of the Hot Toddy

As with most cocktails, the history is a bit fuzzy. (It’s almost like people weren’t thinking clearly and failed to document them. Hmm.) The best information we could find indicated that this drink is probably based on a very old Hindi drink called a “taddy”. (Source) According to a 1786 definition, a Taddy was a hot drink composed of:

  • Fermented Palm Sap
  • Hot water
  • Sugar
  • Spices

Look familiar? It’s almost the same as the Hindi “Punch” recipe we talked about last month, but hot!

In modern times, the Hot Toddy is perhaps best known as being medicinal. This folklore probably started with Dr. Robert Hentley Todd, an Irish physician who was known to prescribe a hot drink of brandy, cinnamon, sugar syrup and water.

Regardless of its history, this is a delicious drink to have in your repertoire as the cold months approach!

How to Make a Hot Toddy:

Hot Toddy Variations:

The best part about simple cocktails is how easy they are to adapt and customize. This one is no exception! As we discussed in the video, take a look at this Cocktail Family drawing Chris created:

The possibilities are endless!  As inspiration, here are a few possibilities just from Chris’ suggestions above:

  • An apple brandy toddy with apple cider, Maple Syrup and lemon.
  • A Rum Toddy with Rooibos Tea, Molasses and Orange.
  • A Whiskey Toddy with cranberry juice, Stevia, and lemon.

While I haven’t personally tried making these, they sound pretty good!  And you can clearly see how easy it is to adapt and get creative.


Copper Bell Jigger

This jigger is the real deal. It’s rounded shape makes it extra comfortable in your hand, while its internal markings make it easy to read and measure your ingredients. Oh, and did I mention the beautiful mirrored copper finish? A trusty and beautiful choice for your backbar!

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Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy
  1. Add hot water to serving glass to warm the glass. Dump the water.
  2. Now add the 4-6 oz of hot water and remaining ingredients
  3. Stir and garnish with a lemon peel studded with cloves
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