The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Twenty Six

This episode could be summarized as “Don’t be that guy!”  Here are five more things your bartender wishes you knew!

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In today’s Episode…

We’re adding a “part 2” to Episode 17, when talked about some things that Bartenders wish you knew. If you haven’t already listened to that one, start there.  Then come back for five more!

1. Coupons, Groupons and Comps

Most of bartender & waiters’ income comes in the form of tips.  So when you bring a coupon to the restaurant or get comped a drink or dish, remember to tip based on what the full bill would have been – not the total after the coupon or “free item” has been removed.  Why? That waiter worked just as hard, and spent their time at your table – not at another table where they would get a full tip.  So go ahead an tip based on what the full bill would have been.

2. Free Drinks

Its your birthday. Great. Happy Birthday! But don’t expect to get a free drink! Free drinks or food should be accepted graciously and never expected.  Bartenders may not have the authority to give you a free drink, and are usually under the scrutiny of the management.  Don’t expect them (or worse, ask them) to give you something for free.

3. Don’t Ask me to make your drink “Stronger”

Just don’t! It’s really tacky and immediately tells the bartender you’re the type that expects special treatment and doesn’t want to pay for it. (And it’s usually a sign of a poor tipper as well.)  So if you want a double, order a double – but again, don’t expect it for free.

4. Pre-Dinner Drinking

If you’re at a restaurant waiting for your table at the bar and having a drink, it can be a little confusing what to do when your table comes available.  Here’s what we recommend:

  • If possible, close the tab with the bar before you leave.
  • If not possible, go ahead and leave a few dollars for the bartender before you go to your table.

It’s almost always better for the bartender to close the tab or leave a tip before you go.

5. Don’t Eat my Garnish!

I can’t even believe this has to be said, but unbelievably, this has been an issue in every bar Chris has ever worked.

Before their shift, Bartenders will set up their “mise en place”, or their workstation, with all of the ingredients and garnishes they will need for their shift.  When the customers reach over and eat the orange wedges, olives or cherries, not only is it rude and unsanitary, but it throws off the bartender’s preparation for their shift and they run the risk of running out of garnish.

Don’t stick your hands in the garnish.  If you’re hungry, order food!

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If you’re a bartender, let us know what we missed! I’m sure there are a lot more pet peeves that we haven’t thought of – let us know in the comments and we’ll include them in another episode!

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