One important tool for a professional bartender to use when a drink calls for fresh juice is a fruit press. Although, if you are entertaining at home and the recipe calls for a large amount of fresh juice, then you might want to invest in a juicer instead.
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The differences between them are like the differences between a manual push mower versus a power-riding mower. One is inexpensive and works just fine for a small amount of grass; but if you have a large lawn, the power mower is what you want to use to get it done faster with little effort.
The same can be said of a squeezer and juicer: The squeezer is great for small amounts of liquid, and the juicer will press a large amount quickly with little-to-no effort on your part.
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What is a juicer?

A citrus juicer is a kitchen appliance that will extract juice from a fruit without you having to do any manual pressing or squeezing. A juicer is one of the bar tools you should have when you want to get juice from a lot of fruits at the same time.
It is a more expensive appliance than a squeezer, but it is definitely worth it if you have a large volume to do. High-end juicers will take the whole fruit and separate the juice from the rind, seeds, and pulp without you having to do anything.
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What is a squeezer?

A squeezer — also known as a juice press or hand juicer — is a manual tool that works well if you only have a few fruits to press. The squeezer is a manual device where you put half of the fruit in the press and squeeze the device until all of the juice has been extracted from the flesh.
Modern squeezers have ergonomic handles so they are more comfortable to use. When you are looking at an inexpensive appliance to use for squeezing fresh juice for drinks, the squeezer is a good choice.
When you put the fruit in a squeezer, the juice has more vitamins and is not watery because it is being separated from the rest of the fruit. In a lemon squeezer, for instance, the lemon is cut in half and placed in the press. When the juice is squeezed out of the lemon, the rind and seeds are separated so that you are left with fresh lemon juice.
A stainless steel hand juicer is what the professionals use, but you can also get a less expensive plastic version.
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Differences Between Juicers and Squeezers


When you want to put together an effective bar set for home, you need to ask yourself what kind of volume of fruits are you going to need the juice from. You may also want to take into consideration your ability to press fruit for a long time. If you have any health issues with your hands, such as arthritis, you may want to invest in a juicer instead of a press.
If you want to create a high-end cocktail set at home for entertaining, having both may be a good idea for large and small jobs. Lemons and limes are the fruit used in most drink recipes, so a lemon-lime squeezer will do small amounts of fresh juice with little effort.
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If you are a professional bartender, a juicer may be what you are looking for to save some time when pouring a lot of one drink that uses fruit juice. If you have an entire platter of mimosas, for instance, the juicer will take a whole orange and squeeze the juice out of the fruit in no time, letting you make the drink order quickly and efficiently.
A hand press juicer, also known as a handheld juicer, is good for smaller amounts of juice and it is important to have it as fresh and pure as possible. The juice squeezer will separate the peel, rind, and seeds from the important liquid. This lime squeezer is best used when you want to make a small, concentrated amount of lime juice to put in cocktails.
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When you are putting together a bar for home or professional use, it is important to figure out if you are in need of a handheld juicer or an automatic one. The hand-held juicer is more effort but is great for small jobs and is inexpensive, while the automatic version will save you time and make large amounts of liquid.
Both will get the job done, but the type you buy really depends on your needs, preference, abilities, and budget.