This year’s Bar & Restaurant Expo is guaranteed to be an excellent resource for anybody in the service industry! If you haven’t been yet (or you may have attended under its former name, the Nightclub & Bar Show), we highly suggest grabbing a ticket, jumping on a plane, and visiting one of the biggest bar, restaurant, and hospitality industry events in the country.

This 10,000-person event takes place March 27-29th, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV and features exposition booths, floor “happenings,” and after-hours parties. 

But there is one very special reason you should attend this year’s show: Our very own Chris Tunstall is a featured guest speaker!


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We’re really excited to attend this year’s expo and couldn’t be more thrilled to participate directly!

There are a couple ways we’re involved:


Chris will be giving a power talk on how to take your cocktails from zero to pro in just an hour, offering hot tips and tricks to elevate your drinks & overall beverage program. 

While the info will be great for restaurant owners and beginning bartenders, even seasoned pros who feel stuck in a rut from time-to-time will benefit from his info. So make sure to check the schedule of events, and run over to see Chris’ chat! 

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We’ll also have our very own booth where you can view and buy our products in person. If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, talk with us about outfitting your establishment with our barware– and see the quality of products for yourself. 

And of course, come chat with Chris and ask him all your burning mixology questions. (He’s a really nice guy, so don’t feel too star-struck in his presence.)

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Besides the obvious purpose of wanting to meet Chris, there are a lot of awesome reasons why you should attend the 2023 Bar & Restaurant Expo.

  • Listen to instructional chats and masterclasses with individual speakers and panels of experts within the food & beverage industry. Learn important info on industry topics: how to boost the quality of your personnel, enhance the guest experience, widen your            margins on liquor, create an inclusive culture, upgrade your beverage program, deal with tricky business challenges, and create an outstanding non-alcoholic bar program (the newest trend in the service industry).
  • Check out the display areas and find the newest product for your establishment.
  •  Attend the coolest industry parties, where you’ll meet other industry pros, spirit brand reps, owners of e-commerce businesses like ours, and food & cocktail lovers! Mingle with other people in the service industry, and create connections that can aid your own business and career.


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If you are in the food, service, or bar industry, this show is for you and will help take your bar or restaurant to the next level. Everyone in hospitality will gain something from this expo– no matter your position– and you’ll learn to raise the standards of your establishment, whether it be through cooking, beverages, guest service, planning… or all of the above!

Here are the awesome happenings at the 2023 Bar & Restaurant Expo:

  • Guest speakers, educational workshops, and a masterclass
  • Floor booths with exciting products, spirits, magazines, and more
  • Experiences on the floor, such as culinary experiences & food demos
  • Social events and afterparties


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You can choose your own adventure, whether you just want to walk the floor, attend the education program, or get a VIP pass for the expo + party experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Bar & Restaurant Expo pass today, and meet us in Vegas for one of the largest hospitality events you could ask for!