Small Change, Big Impact

Ever make a common cocktail and change just one thing, and it becomes something completely different and awesome? That’s what happened to reader Ryan Tracey. He started with the traditional Vesper recipe and made one simple change – he added Tonic. He described it best:

“It’s based on the Vesper Martini, which is a bit heavy going in the Australian sun. The tonic mellows it so it can be enjoyed on a lazy summer afternoon.”

With such a simple recipe (and one that sounded so good) we decided to give it a try. And he was right! This cocktail is a delicious and easy drink to enjoy, and a perfect choice for Tonic lovers who are looking for something ever so slightly different from their regular G&T.

This may not be a groundbreaking discovery for the world of cocktails, but it’s still delicious! And that works for me.

Thanks again to @RyanTracey for sharing the recipe, cheers!