“Hey, you want a cocktail?”

It’s one of the happiest sounds. Chris is in a cocktail making mood. Cha-ching. I glance at the backbar for inspiration. A bottle shines back at me – something we haven’t used in a while… its sweet, citrusy, vanilla flavor beckoning…

“Umm… Make me something with Tuaca!”

And he did! This is a take on the classic Daiquiri tones down the sweetness of Tuaca with the tart nature of the cocktail – while embracing the vanilla and orange notes along the way. Chris has always said that rum and vanilla go beautifully together so this cocktail was a no brainer!

It’s as good as it looks!

Tart and fragrant from the lime juice, the orange and vanilla notes come through late in the palate, finishing off with that tart herbal tang I get from rum daiquiris. Delicious!