We thought with all of the “working from home” right now, this might be a fun time to play with the idea of non-alcoholic cocktails. So you can still drink something crafty and delicious, without consuming alcohol while on the clock! 

The first things Chris bought when we decided on a “non alcoholic cocktail” month were two bottles of Verjus. This is his go-to non alcoholic ingredient, because it is one of the more interesting non-alcoholic ingredients – and it doesn’t rely on sweetness to taste good. (In fact, Verjus is actually very tart!)

If you’re looking for a “spirit free” cocktail that has layers of flavor, an herbal scent and a touch of honey, look no further.

How to Make The Full Embrace

I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited for this month. While I love a great cocktail, sometimes it’s just not the right time for alcohol. Maybe it’s 10am. Or you’re about to drive somewhere (Remember when we used to drive places?) Or maybe you just don’t feel like it!

Whatever your reason, non-alcoholic drinks are usually pretty one dimensional, sweet, and frankly kind of disappointing. But they don’t have to be! And this cocktail is a perfect example of a nuanced, herbal drink that’s SO much more than a sickly sweet “Virgin Mojito” from your neighborhood bar & grill.

Chris started off with a base of Verjus Blanc (affiliate link) which is a tart non alcoholic “juice” made from unripened wine grapes. Then he created a “sun tea” infusion with peach tea and honey, leaving it in the sunshine for a few hours to steep. After straining, the infusion was delicious! (I snuck a taste!)

Last but not least, he added some of Casamara Club’s CAPO soft drink, a sort of “non alcoholic Amaro” that brings bitterness, flavor, and a touch of aroma. (Note: We received the Casamara Club as a sample – thanks !) The final cocktail was absolutely delicious, and tasted SO much more interesting than your usual “mocktail”.

By the way, if you don’t have Casamara Club, this cocktail will still taste absolutely delicious with unflavored soda water instead!



They’re heavy. They’re balanced. They think you look great today, by the way. These bar spoons have spiral handles, a heavy weighted bolt on the end, and know how to stir up a great drink!


The Full Embrace

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Course: Drinks
Servings: 1 cocktail



Cocktail Ingredients

  • 4 oz Verjus, honey and peach tea infusion (See how to make it below)
  • 4-6 oz Capo Amaro Soda

Verjus, Honey and Peach Tea Infusion Ingredients

  • 8 Oz Verjus Blanc Fusion brand
  • 2 oz Honey
  • 2 Heaping bar spoons Peach Black Tea Spice and tea exchange “Peach on the Beach”


Cocktail Instructions

  • Add 4 oz of verjus, honey, and peach tea infusion to a Collins glass.
  • Add ice.
  • Top with Capo Amaro Soda.

Sub Ingredient Instructions

  • Add all ingredients to a container
  • Set into the sun for 2-4 hours
  • Fine strain