When Life Gives you Tangerines….

It may be tempting to turn fruit into something fruity and sweet. But this cocktail is anything but. Bitter, slightly spicy and boozy, this drink is for those of us who love fruit but don’t necessarily want something sweet.

Everything but the Pith

Using Tangerine juice in the cocktail isn’t so revolutionary, but opting to pair it with a homemade tangerine syrup is what makes this drink interesting. The syrup is made with the fruit and the zest of the tangerine, quick-macerated in the microwave and then left to cool. The result is a syrup that is sweet, yes – but also carries some of the oil and bitterness from the rind.

A bit of Ginger and two Dashes of Peychaud’s

As if this wasn’t a bright enough cocktail, Peychaud’s kicks up the color again and ginger adds a little extra heat. The result is a deliciously unusual drink that focuses on bringing all of the sweet and aromatic elements of the tangerine into cocktail form.