Exactly as it Sounds

This is one of those drinks that doesn’t take a lot of imagination – but still comes out fantastic every time. Inspired by boxes (yes, boxes) of peaches from Mom’s garden, Chris chopped up a few to make a peach syrup for use in cocktails. (As you can imagine, this happens to a lot of fruit around here…) With a giant bundle of mint left over from filming the Lucid Absinthe seminar last week and a toasty day outside, this julep sounded like just the ticket!


The peach and mint go perfectly together but the drink was almost a bit too easy to drink. Enter: bitters. Dale Degroff’s Pimento bitters was just the “kick” this drink needed to add some spice and accent the round fruity sweetness of the drink overall.

If you have a tree full of peaches in the backyard (or heck, a grocery store with decent peaches this time of year…) I say give this one a try! One large peach will make enough syrup for many cocktails, so it’s absolutely a worthy investment.