The Eternal Riff

This cocktail is the third iteration of an ongoing collaboration I have with Brian Johnson from the Better Cocktails at Home YouTube Channel.  Basically we started with one cocktail, then “pass” it over to the other person to make a riff on it.

  • The first cocktail was a classic Tommy’s Margarita
  • Brian added beer to the equation with his “Escape from Margaritaville
  • … and now it’s my turn!

I loved Brian’s take on the drink – adding beer is a great way to add carbonation and lighten up the nature of the drink. There were a lot of directions I could go, but I ended up deciding to add some richness while playing upon the “head” that the beer gives to the cocktail.  One egg white later, the South of the Border Fizz is born!

Watch the Riff in Action:

The South of the Border Fizz:

Thanks, and Back to you, Brian!