This week’s cocktail is inspired by – and in partnership with – RumChata cream liqueur. We had a lot of fun creating this cocktail and have a few more coming throughout 2017 – so stay tuned!

Thanks again to RumChata for supporting A Bar Above!

A welcome challenge.

There is no question who is the sweet tooth in this house. In restaurants I’ll order (ahem, multiple) desserts and Chris gets the cheese platter. (Or, more likely, something with truffle oil.) At home you’ll find me snacking on chocolate chips from the pantry. Chris sneaks pieces of salami from the fridge.

So when RumChata reached out and asked us to experiment with non-wintery cocktails using their spiced cream liqueur – you can guess how excited I was. It’s easy to make a sweet drink I’ll like. The real challenge is to make a sweet drink that Chris likes too.

This one takes the cake. (err… Milkshake?)

Inspired by the New York Egg Cream

It didn’t take Chris long to come up with this first cocktail idea. After reading Darcy O’Neil’s Fix the Pumps book a few years ago, he’s always held an interest in the old time soda fountain style drinks.

The New York Egg Cream is a perfect example. It’s made with milk, carbonated water and chocolate syrup. (Notice somthing missing? Correct! There is no egg in a New York Egg Cream.)

With just one change, an awesome variation was born…

The RumChata Cream Soda

It just seemed too easy – replacing the milk with RumChata was an instant success. The spiced flavor of the horchata added the perfect “kick” to the creamy chocolate mixture, and a touch of cinnamon across the top gave it a bright cinnamon aroma to go with. In a word: delicious.

No Excuses, (No Shame!)

With no shaking or stirring required and and warm summer days on the way, I’m going to go ahead and recommend you invest in some cream liqueur like RumChata and chocolate syrup. Even Chris likes it!

This drink might just replace my chocolate chip cravings…