While we’re on a Savoy kick…

When a book gets pulled out (and admittedly, sometimes dusted off), sometimes I find it sticks around awhile as a source of inspiration. Like last week’s take on the XYZ Cocktail, this one is also inspired by The Savoy Cocktail Book.

Originally intended as a large-format recipe for 6 people, the Rattlesnake is..

*So called because it will either cure Rattlesnake bite, or kill Rattlesnakes, or make you see them.”

How could we resist?

Real rattlesnakes optional (and not recommended…)

Not too dissimilar from a whiskey sour (with egg whites of course), this cocktail also adds a hint of absinthe. Adding both aroma and just a hint of the distinctive absinthe flavor, the result is a pleasantly tart and aromatic sour that’s very easy to drink. Despite its caption in the book, I don’t recommend too many of these if you’re planning on spending anytime with rattlesnakes!