It’s (nearly) Cinco de Mayo!

… which, if you’re in the spirits industry in the US, means it’s a day to be grateful for all of the wonderful distilled things that come from Mexico. In this case we’re celebrating in our own way with a variation of perhaps the most ubiquitous tequila-inspired cocktail, the Margarita.

Raspberry and Thyme

Inspired by the very beginnings of summer fruit, this Margarita cocktail is actually quite tart. The raspberries aren’t quite in season yet, but their acidity works beautifully in this “sour” style cocktail. The thyme is a subtle but worthwhile addition, calling attention to the tequila’s spicy earthiness and adding an herbal nose.

Removing triple sec and replacing it with orange bitters preserves the orange flavor but dries out the cocktail, letting the raspberry fruit shine without being overwhelmed with sweetness.

Here’s to Cinco de Mayo – and our gratitude for all of the wonderful distilled things we get to enjoy thanks to our southern neighbors. Cheers!