Quite possibly the hardest cocktail name to spell – this one is the result of some experimentation with Sloe Gin in the place of sweet vermouth in a somewhat Manhattan-esque drink.

(This is what happens when you love Sloe Gin and Manhattans and your husband is a very, very nice guy.)

Substitution at Work …

Chris noticed the sloe gin provides a bit of the the botanical quality of the vermouth, but was much fruitier and somewhat sweeter. So he decided to use Oude Genever as the base spirit. It’s a bit less sweet than bourbon would be, and adds an additional layer of herbal / botanical quality that the sloe gin didn’t have. It also has a “whiskey weight” which will hold up against the weight of the liqueur.

Not Even Remotely a Manhattan

The result? Something awesome and definitely unlike any Manhattan I’ve had before (not surprisingly…)

This is a great drink to showcase how a liqueur can be used in an almost savory cocktail. The final product was not very sweet at all and very heavy on the earthy botanicals – in a very good way. I’d have this cocktail right alongside dinner or a cheese / charcouterie board myself – but let’s be honest, I’d have just about anything along with cheese!