It may be springtime, but this cocktail tastes like Christmas to me! Close the blinds, I have “no regrets”* about enjoying a wintery cocktail on a bright summery day. The cinnamon, ginger and orange flavor reminds me of the spices of fall.

This cocktail is so good that I completely forgot it’d been made without any alcohol at all!

*And yeah, the cocktail name is a reference to this meme…


How to make this Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Chris originally created this drink with the intention of adding ginger beer and creating a “highball” style drink. But after tasting the intensity of the Oleo Saccharum, we both agreed that the added ginger just wasn’t necessary. (In fact, he made a version for me with some spicy ginger beer. Hoo boy was it spicy!

So on second thought, he just left it out! And the result is an incredibly flavorful and compact little drink that fits perfectly in your Old Fashioned or Bucket glass. Drop in a single rock and you have something that looks awesome and tastes amazing. I think you’ll forget that it’s completely booze free!

A crazy idea we might just try this fall: consider batching this into a “Punch” for a family friendly large batch cocktail for the holidays!


Your tried-and-true stirring sidekicks. Heavyweight solid handles make these spoons glide through the ice effortlessly. Perfect for any mixing glass or shaker, you’ll be stirring in style!

No Ragrets

Originally slated for a ginger beer highball, this non-alcoholic cocktail was just too good on its own!
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Servings: 1 cocktail


  • 8 oz Verjus Rouge
  • 1 batch Cinnamon, ginger and orange oleo saccharu (see notes)

Cinnamon-Ginger-Orange oleo Saccharum

  • 1 each Large cinnamon stick toasted
  • 1 each Zest of an orange
  • 1 nuckle Ginger
  • 1/2 cup Turbinado Sugar


  • Combine verjus Rouge to the bag of oleo saccharum and mix well
  • Fine strain into a serving glass that is filled with fresh ice
  • Garnish with an orange zest or cinnamon stick

Sub Ingredient Instructions

  • Chop ginger into small pieces and add to a ziploc bag.
  • Peel and chop zest of 1 orange and add to the ziploc bag along with ½ cup turbinado sugar
  • Break up the cinnamon stick and lightly toast to release the oils
  • Add toasted cinnamon to the ginger, orange and turbinado sugar ziploc bag
  • Seal the bag, removing as much air as possible and let rest for 4 hours