It’s April 9th and you know what that means…

It’s Gin and Tonic day!

… You didn’t know that?  OK, I’ll be honest, I didn’t either until the folks from G’Vine and London No 1 Gin contacted us and asked if we’d like to celebrate with their gins. It was an invitation we couldn’t resist!

Gin Comparison

Since we had the opportunity, I felt we may as well have a bit more fun with this one and compare the results for these two, very different Gins.

G’Vine Gin

I wonder if the name of this gin is a play on the word “Devine”?  Regardless, it’s a gin with an unusual composition – it’s made from grape-based spirit and then infused with botanicals, a very prominent one of which is the “exclusie” vine flower. The aroma is much sweeter and doesn’t bring much juniper. Its flavor and aroma is very floral, a touch of citrus in the form of lemon with a hint of orange zest, and of course, juniper.

I’d say this is a great gin for Vodka lovers (or Gin haters), especially in the Gin and Tonic. The sweetness of the tonic and floral notes in the gin work together very nicely.

London No. 1:

This is a much more traditional “London Dry” style of gin – perhaps not surprising given it’s name. It comes in at a much higher 47% ABV, and when tasting it on its own, the alcohol heat is very noticeable and there is an ever so slight chalkiness. In the Gin & Tonic, however, the additional alcohol is well balanced and works nicely.

I will say I am still a little thrown off by the blue hue of this Gin (Nope, it’s not just the bottle.) The G&T it produced was great – albeit ever so slightly blue.

Let’s take a Moment…

So before the day is out – find yourself some Gin, Tonic and lime and celebrate! After all, Gin & Tonic day only comes once a year.

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Gin and Tonic
The Gin & Tonic is a great, simple cocktail. This week we're tasting two gins and comparing notes!
Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic
  1. Add gin to a bucket glass
  2. Add tonic water and ice
  3. Stir briefly
  4. Garnish with a lime wedge
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