A Downright, Stinking Lie.

This cocktail may be called the “Fifty fifty” but in reality it should be called the “Forty-nine Forty-nine Two” (or something like that.) It’s a variation on a Gin Martini, but made with (nearly) 50 / 50 Gin and Dry vermouth. The last 2%? Just a dash of orange bitters to perk it up a bit.

Don’t take it from us …

This is apparently David Wondrich’s martini of choice – and a common way to serve a martini back in the 1910’s. (Wondrich would know!) This drink is dry as a bone but extremely smooth. It’s a great choice if you want something a bit gentler than a typical gin martini – and if you happen to have a good dry vermouth on hand. (I wouldn’t trust this recipe without a great dry Vermouth!)

Go ahead … party like it’s 1910!