“Make me something with Rum & Amaretto”

When Chris wants to make a cocktail for the blog, sometimes the hardest part is inspiration. It feels like we’ve done all of the tried-and-true favorites. So a few nights ago when Chris asked for some ideas, I scanned the backbar (as I usually do) and my eyes landed on Disaronno. Amaretto sounded really good. And rum, because, well, I like rum!

Give that back!

Rum isn’t Chris’ favorite spirit because it tends to be a tad sweeter… and you can imagine how he feels about amaretto. But this cocktail came out so good I had to fight him for it! The caramel sweetness of the rum is a beautiful pair to the almond flavor in the amaretto. Throw that in a cocktail along with an egg white for consistency and you’re in for a treat!

No weird ingredients here…

This is one of those great cocktails that is truly delicious and doesn’t’ use any weird ingredients. If you have a decently stocked home bar, you might just have the ingredients already! And if you do – definitely give this one a try. It’s a winner. (Even for folks who don’t usually care for rum!)

Compass Rose

Compass Rose

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  • 1.25 Oz Rum
  • .75 oz Amaretto
  • .75 Oz Egg White
  • 1.0 oz Lemon Juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup
  • 9 drops Aztec Chocolate Bitters


  • Add all ingredients except aztec bitters to shaker
  • Dry shake to build up egg whites (10 seconds)
  • Add ice
  • Shake to chill and dilute
  • Fine strain into a coupe glass
  • Add bitters and drag a pick through for a design