Quick: Choose three random flavors!

Usually when creating a cocktail you start with flavors. What flavors go well together? How can I adapt that into a drink? This one’s a bit different. Instead of starting with flavors that “go well” together, Chris took a risk and went the other direction.

Pairing Tumeric, Tawny port and Curry… well, it sounds like a “choose three random flavors” game, not a cocktail recipe! But (much to my amazement) this one really worked.

Port of Call

Somewhere between Portugal and India, Chris thought he’d tip his hat to the trade route – hence the name “Calicut Sour”. Calicut is the port in India that commonly used to connect Port (in Portugal) and India trade routes.

Tumeric is a common ingredient in curry, so it seemed a natural choice. But Port? Chris found it added a sweet raisin note to the drink, rounding out the flavor with a cooked fruit element. It really ties the drink together into a balanced, very savory style of drink.

And the Curry Salt Rim? Well…. why not?