“You totally made that up, didn’t you.”

I laughed, when Chris handed me this drink. “‘Caipiroska’? Really?” It sounded like someone making a joke out of a Russian Cairpirinha. He defended himself – and rightfully so. Turns out, this is a real drink! (It even has a wikipedia page, so that’s about as legit as you can get, right?) But I wasn’t wrong about one thing – it really is just like a Russian Caipirinha.

Made with Vodka (obviously) in the place of Cachaça, this is a simple, muddled cocktail that is all about the lime. Apparently it’s quite common to make this one with darker sugars – brown sugar, turbinado sugar, or a combination of these with white. We kept it simple with plain white sugar and it came out great!

Sweeten to Taste

The other thing I like about these simple “sour” style cocktails is that it’s really easy to adjust to your taste. Chris likes his sours tart – so tart it turns my mouth inside out! So sometimes we’ll just split the drink in half and I’ll add a splash more simple syrup to mine. Now we both have our perfect cocktail and he won’t try to sneak sips of my half. Win-win!

Good Enough for a Bond Villain

So find yourself some limes, muddle them real good and throw in some vodka and sugar – you’re done! This one’s as easy as it is delicious. Cheers!

By the way, isn’t that a good looking muddler? It’s ours! Check it out here:



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  • 2.0 oz Vodka (We used Purity)
  • 1 Tbs sugar
  • 1 each Lime sectioned into 8 pieces


  • In a mixing tin, muddle lime with sugar
  • Add Vodka and ice
  • Shake to chill and dilute
  • Pour all contents into a bucket glass

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