Like many of our cocktails, this story begins at the grocery store.

Blood oranges in season, and on deal! How could we resist.

This cocktail is a a bit of a playground of blood orange. Not only did Chris dehydrate them for the garnish, but he made his own Marmalade (and syrup) as well to feature in the cocktail. (Note: Marmalade has also been featured on toast. Delicious!)

I will be the first to admit, this one’s a labor of love, but if you’re already interested in making preserves and love some marmalade, then I think you’ll find this one is definitely worth the effort!

Perfectly Bitter, Perfectly Boozy, Slightly Sweet

Like most of Chris’ cocktail creations, this one errs on the side of bitter. Adding a bit of Campari is a perfect match for color and flavor, heightening the bitter element of the drink and making it a bit more “grown up” than a sweet sour. Not to be deterred, the marmalade syrup stands up nicely, bringing an aromatic sweetness that perfectly balances the boozy whiskey.

Finally, the egg white and soda water create a deliciously sparkly and creamy mouthfeel and provide a beautiful canvas for the dehydrated orange wheel.

Not bad for your run-of-the-mill trip to the grocery store!