A little sweet, a little complex:

This cocktail was a bit of an experiment. Chris was curious if he could “pull off” a drink that used Amaretto as a base spirit. I, of course, was fully on board – knowing it would probably end up too sweet for him, and I’d get to drink it. (#winning)


Unfortunately (for me), he’s good at this sort of thing. Knowing the syrupy sweetness of the amaretto was his biggest challenge, he tossed in an ounce of cognac to strengthen the drink and paired it with a stark contrast: a quick shrub made with hibiscus and black pepper.

Once the vinegar and sweetness was calibrated in the shrub, he tasted for balance and then added soda water to bring down the intensity to something a bit more drinkable.

The result was, frankly, delicious. He’d beautifully balanced out the sweetness with the vinegar of the shrub and the carbonation in the soda water. The finished product is bright and floral with a lot of flavor and a beautiful pink color.

I’d call this one a success!