The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode #140

Infusions have been a key technique for great bar programs for years. But using infusions to create flavorful drinks is centuries old – after all, tea is the OG infusion!

This week Chris is chatting with a true tea expert and founder of Spirit tea, Taylor Cowan. Listen in to learn a bit about the history of tea, how to make a great cuppa, and how to use it as another great ingredient for your bar program!

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Watch Now:

In today’s Episode, it’s all about Tea!

Watch the interview (above) to learn all about:

  • What makes the difference between a great and not-so-great cup of tea
  • How the changing trends and markets are affecting tea worldwide
  • Taylor’s top three teas that everyone should try
  • Some tips for incorporating tea into your cocktails and bar program

So who is Taylor Cowan Anyway?

Taylor is a career tea educator and the co-founder of Spirit Tea, a specialty tea importer and wholesaler based in Chicago. Taylor splits his time each year between Nepal, Southwest China and the United States. A founding member of the new American Specialty Tea Alliance, he has previously been an instructor of Tea Chemistry and Intro to Tea modules at Barista Camp and will be teaching Foundation of Tea this Access. His current project is the cross-country educational series, the Spirit of Tea Tour, commencing here in Austin this Thursday.

Stuff we Mentioned:

Check out Taylor’s company, and the American Specialty Tea Alliance that he mentioned. And of course you can find them on Instagram too at @Spirittea

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How are you using tea in your bar program? Share in the comments below!

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