The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode #137

Who says a drink needs booze to be delicious? Join us this week for a chat with Julia Momose, one of the world’s foremost experts on alcohol free cocktails that put the word “mocktail” to shame.

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Watch Now:

In today’s Episode… Hold the booze, please!

When you hear the word “cocktail” you probably assume the drink has alcohol in it. But according to Julia, it’s time to think outside the booze. She’s made a name for herself creating non-alcoholic cocktail programs in bars across Chicago, and most recently for Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Fun fact: A few years ago Chris and I traveled to Chicago and went to the Aviary bar. I was pregnant with our son, and they accommodated with a flight of delicious non-alcoholic cocktails unlike anything I’d ever had before. It turns out, those cocktails were designed by Julia! (They were so good that Chris preferred some of my drinks over his own, full-octane drinks.)  So I can personally vouch for Julia’s expertise in creating delicious (and not sickly sweet / boring) “mocktails”.

Listen In to Learn:

  • Julia’s story, and how she found her way to bartending and eventually to spirit-free drinks.
  • Her methodology for creating delicious cocktails without the booze
  • Some of the challenges she’s run into with the concept of “spirit free” drinks.

Stuff we Mentioned:

P.S. We didn’t mention it in this episode, but learn more about low ABV and non-alcoholic bitters here!


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