The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode #161

Listen in as we chat with sommelier Lucas Huff to learn how he creates delicious food and cocktail pairings, and some tips and tricks for how you can do the same at your bar.

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Watch Now:

Lucas Huff, Sommelier and Mixologist

In today’s Episode we got the chance to catch up with Lucas Huff, Sommelier and Mixologist at Bently Heritage in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 

A bit more about Lucas Huff:

I was born in South Lake Tahoe – straight into the restaurant industry. I began washing dishes in my dad’s restaurant at the age of 5. I received my first job outside of mom and dads place when I was 15, and have been in the industry ever since.

My first look into French service, (and what it takes to get those fancy stars) was when I received my Job at Martis Camp in 2013. Since then it has become an obsession. Smelling what’s in the glass, observing all levels of service, and finding out what it takes to be original (and the best). I am a certified Sommelier, and am currently working on my WSET III in spirits.

By far the most unique professional experience for me has been working with Bently Heritage. I (along with the bar team) have designed a program utilizing nothing but in house products. This has lead to a greater understanding of what is actually in the bottle, and how we can consistently push the boundaries of cocktailing. In my free time you can find me with a fishing rod, on my bike, or on my skis in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Cocktail & Food Pairings:

With his background in wine, Lucas seemed the perfect person to ask about pairing food and cocktails. He did not disappoint!  Listen in for much more detail and to learn:

  • How knowing wine pairings can help you with creating cocktail pairings as well.
  • Why it matters how each ingredient (and dish) is made
  • Some inspiration for coming up with new pairing ideas
  • Great advice for bartenders looking to learn to make great pairings.

Stuff we Mentioned:

You can find Lucas at the Bently Heritage Estate in South Lake Tahoe. Or find him on Instagram at @Thebartendersfable.

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