The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Thirty One

There are a lot of old wives’ tales about what actually cures a hangover. This week we’re putting them to the test!

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Listen Now:

In today’s Episode…

We’re taking a pre-emptive strike against your New Years’ Hangover.

Listen in to Learn:

  • Which rumored “Hangover Cures” actually work (according to the internet)
  • What bananas have to do with Pedialyte
  • The absolute best way to fix a hangover… is by preventing it!

Update from a Listener:

Special thanks to Hugo, the Firefighter who sent me this note (paraphrased):

You guys mentioned an “IV Potassium Drip”, but I think you might be thinking of something called a “Banana Bag” that we give to hardcore alcoholics.  It’s a multi-vitamin mixed with the IV solution, which makes the IV solution yellow (hence: “Banana Bag.”) It’s given because these people need nutrients (the kind of nutrients most of us get from food, but these folks often haven’t eaten.)

Taking potassium supplements (in pill or IV form) is very dangerous and can cause cardiac complications. It is only done under a physician’s supervision. We may joke around that we may need a “Banana Bag” if we are super hung over, but in reality we just need Saline – which is the same thing as drinking water, it just hits your system faster.

Thank you so much Hugo for your comments, it’s really good to know the dangers of potassium supplements. At the end of the day the punchline is the same – if you are hungover, drink water!

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So go out tonight and have an amazing night, eat some greasy food and drink lots of water, and most importantly stay safe! What are your hangover remedies? Let us know in the comments below!

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