The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Ninety Two

Ever thought about selling your homemade mixers? Jordan did, and founded Q Drinks! Hear his story and advice this week on the podcast.

This week’s episode is not just about Q Drinks – it’s also sponsored by them! If you haven’t heard, Q Drinks is a Brooklyn-based company that makes high quality mixers.

They are made with quality ingredients and just the right carbonation level. I think you’ll enjoy hearing their story from the founder himself – and thanks again to Q Drinks for supporting A Bar Above!

Thanks again to Q Drinks for supporting A Bar Above!

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Listen Now:

In today’s Episode…

We’re chatting with Jordan Silbert, the man behind Q Drinks mixers. Like many of us, he appreciated a great cocktail with great spirits. But he became frustrated when he realized that quality spirits had to share a glass with low-quality mixers.

Listen in to this episode to hear his story and how he set about to offer mixers as good as the spirits they’re enjoyed with.

We’re chatting about:

  • What inspired Jordan to start Q Drinks in the first place
  • How Q Drinks found a spot at PDT and Milk & Honey before it was for sale to the public
  • What the most dangerous part of making Q Tonic really is (hint: it’s not quinine!)
  • How a simple two-part cocktail can be a special experience for the guest

Stuff we Mentioned:

Learn more about Q Drinks on their website, and check out this page to find Q Drinks in a retailer near you.

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