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There are dozens of incredible bar and cocktail books out there, going way back into the 19th century.
Cognac was once a popular ingredient in pre-prohibition and classic cocktails. However, in recent years, it has become more of a sipping spirit and has lost its place on cocktail menus. Watch this seminar to revisit Cognac. We’re partnering with CAMUS Cognac to discuss a bit about its history, how the Camus family make its award winning cognac and how your bar program would benefit from a hefty splash of Cognac on the cocktail menu.

Dave Purcell, Alexandra Albu and Tim Rabior

There is a whole world of high-end spirits out there that rarely find their place on a cocktail menu. But these high quality spirits can often be a great addition to a bar program – and they don’t have to compromise your margins. In this seminar we’re discussing the challenge of getting high quality spirits on the back bar without killing your margins.

Ben Capdevielle, Jeanine Racht, and Milo Rodriguez

Absinthe once held a prominent place behind the bar alongside other now-common cocktail ingredients like gin and brandy. Watch this seminar to learn the history and authentic techniques for enjoying Absinthe as well as some great ways to incorporate it into your craft bar program.

Milo Rodriguez & T.A. Breaux