Bring out your Christmas Hats because today, we’re going to share to you our Holiday Gift Guide! Ever wondered what to give to bartenders and mixologists? Be prepared for the holidays and check these out!

Christmas Crunch Time:

Perfect presents for the cocktail lover in your life!

DIY Carbonating System – Around $120

Carbonated cocktails are extremely popular in the craft bar scene. A DIY carbonating system would be a great addition to any home bar, and it can also be used to make sparkling water and home made sodas. We’ll even show you how easy it is to set up!

You’ll need to buy the following:

  1. Carbon Dioxide Tank– (I’d spring for the 5lb canister.)
  2. Pressure Regulator
  3. Paintball Adapter 
  4. 5/16″ gas line with ball lock
  5. Carbonater Cap Adapter
  6. Plumber’s tape– To ensure a good seal

Mini Barrel – Starting from $34.95

You may ask, “Who needs a little barrel for a home bar?” My response:” Who doesn’t!” Barrel aging spirits and cocktails isn’t exactly cutting edge, but every time I see a barrel at a bar, I always have to ask…”What do you guys have in the barrel?”

The options for barrel aging are endless. You can add a little age to that really high alcohol blanco tequila that could benefit from a little oak aging, create a batch of barrel aged Manhattan’s for your Superbowl party. If you make your own bitters, then you could even consider barrel aging them!

Pick up Oak Barrels at Oak Barrels LTD.

Bar Rollup – $64

I received this bar roll-up as a gift and it is one of my favorite pieces of bar equipment. It is a great way to keep all your bar tools together in one place and is the perfect size for bringing all you important tools to work with you.

There are other options out there, but they usually cost a lot more money and don’t come supplied with tools. I’ll admit the tools in this roll-up aren’t the best on the market, but they’ll be fine for most bars. (Plus you can always change out some of the equipment with tools you already own.)

Get this Bar Roll-up Here.

Mixology Classes – $50

Give them the gift that gets better every time they make a drink! This program is the fastest way to learn how bar ingredients work together, so you can start making fantastic drinks using whatever you happen to have on hand.  It’s a great gift for anyone who loves cocktails, especially if they like to create their own recipes!

Buy a gift certificate here

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a great drink. Cheers!

Chris Tunstall

Co-Founder of A Bar Above and career bartender and mixologist. I love experimenting, creating cocktails, and drinking Green Chartreuse.