Cognac was once a popular ingredient in pre-prohibition and classic cocktails. However, in recent years, it has become more of a sipping spirit and has lost its place on cocktail menus. In this seminar we’re partnering with CAMUS Cognac to discuss a bit about its history, how the Camus family make its award winning cognac and how your bar program would benefit from a hefty splash of Cognac on the cocktail menu.

High-res map showing the location of Cognac and each appellation within Cognac

One-page Recap guide covering the main topics of the seminar

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The House of CAMUS is the largest independent Cognac company in the world. Family owned and produced by five generations of the Camus family since 1863, CAMUS is dedicated to a single minded passion for creating great Cognac.

Seeing themselves as winegrowers first, the family is dedicated to preserving CAMUS’s original values while fostering innovation and the search for exceptional aromatic qualities.

With products sold worldwide, CAMUS offers an award winning portfolio of Cognacs, from the more affordable VS Elegance to its high-end Masterpiece Collection. CAMUS also offers specialty cognacs such the Ile de Re line, named after the most westerly most point in the cognac appellation. Additionally, CAMUS is the only producer to offer a 100 percent Borderies in both a VSOP and XO. The VSOP Borderies is the most awarded VSOP over the past four years.