Some of the weirdest named cocktails are actually some of the true “classics”

Corpse Reviver #2,Goat’s Delight… and today, The Monkey Gland. Rumor has it, it was inspired by a surgical technique of grafting monkey parts onto humans – supposedly to make you live longer. Personally, I’d rather have this cocktail, thanks. (Also, gross!)


Despite its incredibly unappetizing name, the cocktail itself is very good! It’s one of the pre-prohibition cocktails that Ted Breaux was referring to in our Embracing Absinthe seminar – where absinthe is a key ingredient to get the flavor right.

I think pairing absinthe with gin is a pretty great start to a cocktail – setting a firm herbal foundation to build upon. This cocktail then adds richness with orange juice and sweetness from grenadine and simple syrup. The result is beautiful, balanced and complex.

If you can see past the name, it’s definitely worth giving a try!