Like a Negroni… but not.

Starting with the same basic formula as a Negroni, this cocktail marries tequila with sloe gin and sweet vermouth for a balanced boozy drink that’s going to keep you on your toes (in a very good way).

Named after a time when the Americas were divided into territories claimed by the French, Spaniards and English – with loads of territory left over unclaimed. This cocktail is a similar mix of many cultures. It’s a combination of Mexican influence with tequila, some English influence with the Sloe Gin, and a bit of Italian bitterness from the sweet vermouth.

Bitter and Herbal

True to its Negroni roots, this is a bitter drink. But it adds an additional element of aroma with the celery bitters boosts the bitterness and the herbal notes from the sweet vermouth. Plus (if you ask me), celery and tequila are natural flavor partners and work beautifully together in a drink.