The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Sixty Six

It’s another Listener Questions episode and we’re talking about decanters, Mojitos and building your drink in the “right” order.

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Listen Now:

In today’s Episode…

We’re answering listener questions! Press “play” above to listen in and hear our thoughts on the following questions:


“How can I break into the bartending career? Everyone wants experience!”

– Martin from Albuquerque, New Mexico

How should a Mojito be made?

– Mark from Dublin, Ireland

Is there any concern about storing spirits other than scotch or bourbon in a decanter?

– Justin from Green Bay

Can you make a sour mix with a juicer?

– and –

What’s the right order to adding things to your shaker?

– Armando from Oregon

Bonus Listener Feedback:

After this episode aired, I received a really helpful note from listener Sam Eilertsen. He kindly said I could share it here:

I just wanted to comment briefly on the debate in the last episode of Mixology Talk about whether ice should be added to a mixing glass before or after the alcohol. My instinct is that it makes little difference in terms of dilution. As David Arnold outlines in detail in Liquid Intelligence, when a drink is mixed ice will melt until it reaches a state of thermal equilibrium with the drink, after that it melt only very slowly as the air adds heat to the mixture, in other words if you stir a drink for 60 seconds you will get little dilution or chilling versus a drink stirred for 30 seconds.

So if you start with ice in a mixing tin, then add alcohol, you will have more dilution and thus a colder drink before you start stirring, but after 20-30 seconds of stirring or 10 seconds of shaking you are at the same point of temperature and dilution as if you had added the ice just before stirring. Unless you take an exceedingly long time to add the ingredients to the glass, or are making drinks outside on a hot summer day, the dilution won’t be noticeably different.

So there you have it – if you’re not taking forever to add your ingredients, maybe the order doesn’t matter so much after all.  Thanks Sam!

Listen in to Learn:

  • Why you may not want to store your spirits in decanters long term
  • Chris’ favorite sweetener to use in Mojitos
  • The one thing that bartenders just can’t agree upon: the order of making your drink!

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